Prayer Walking in the Community

At the end of January 2022, Rev Dave led a group of parishioners on a prayer walk through the town. You can download a copy of their prayers below to use on your own prayer walk, or from home if you are less able to get out.

The idea of a prayer walk is that we take our prayers into the community that we are called to serve. As we walk we try to be aware of God walking with us, guiding our thoughts and prayers. We try to be aware of the places that pass – the businesses, the shops, cafés, community buildings, and homes. We are aware of the people that we pass going about their days. As we walk we ask God to direct our prayers for these places and people, and most importantly to bless our town.

The prayer walking resource below shows that we stopped in various places to be led in prayer for a particular aspect of our community life.

This is the route that we took…

1. After you have prayed outside the church, walk South out of the town square and find a safe place to cross the road opposite the Spread Eagle hotel.
2. Turn right into South Pond. Follow the path beside the pond to the grass outside the grange. Stop here to pray.
3. Take the pavement through car park and carefully cross at end of the car park road. Outside the Roman Catholic church cross Bepton Road.
4. Turn right into Ashfield Road. Cross Ashfield Road and head up to where you can see Midhurst Primary School. Stop here to pray.
5. Double back to Ashfield Road and continue North to join Petersfield Road.
6. Turn right onto Petersfield Road. Walk towards town, crossing at the pelican crossing.
7. At the roundabout, turn left onto Rumbold’s Hill and continue on towards the North Street shops. Stop to pray.
8. Continue down North Street to grass outside MRC. Stop here to pray.
9. Walk over the bridge and follow the pavements round to the left, walk past allotments to a safe place to stop near to the entrance of the Medical Centre. Stop here to pray.
10. Double back to the roundabout and cross carefully. Proceed up the road with no pavement that heads towards the ruins and the rugby club. Stop on the triangle of grass in front of you to pray.
11. From the ruins, walk down the causeway towards North Street. Near the end, looking towards Methodist church, stop to pray.
12. Walk back to church along North Street and up Knockhundred Row. Stop inside or outside the church for the final prayers.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.
Cape Town, South Africa