ignite is our church youth group for young people in Years 6 upwards!

We meet regularly for games, crafts, competitions, hot chocolate, food and lots more! Each session also includes a time for a thought, discussion or Bible study. Whether its hot chocolate and cake, pizza and popcorn or cream, tea food is a very important part of ignite!! As well as our weekly youth groups we also run regular additional activities including film nights, BBQ’s, sleepovers in the Church, bowling trips, bake alongs, quizzes, scavenger hunts, May Camp and lots more!

The Junior ignite group (for children in schools years 6, 7 and 8) meets every Tuesday in term time, straight after school until 5.30pm. The ignite group (for young people in school years 9 - 13) meets every Wednesday in term time, straight after school until 5.30pm.

Some of the group wrote about why they like Ignite...

It’s friendly and welcoming. God is at the centre. No-one is left out. It’s a way of making new friends. The leaders are fun. Everyone loves it! (Plus there is free food!)

I like Ignite because it has a friendly atmosphere and all the activities are enjoyable and useful. It is very nice to have a group for people of a similar age to gather and do the things we like to do. It’s nice to have a friendly environment to go to after a long day at school.

I like the community side of Ignite and how everyone is friends with each other and helps people out. I like that on hot days it’s nice and cold inside. They always give us junk food and spoil us!

Everything (especially the food).Yummy food. Outgoing Members. Useful skills. Thoughtful minds. Helping hands. Clever brains. Life hacks. Unisex group. Biscuits. Activities and crafts, socialising, social skills, EVERYTHING!