Light and Hope at the end of a dark year

Midhurst Parish Church invites everyone in the town to spread a little joy this Christmas by displaying stars their windows throughout. We hope that seeing these stars will bring light, and give people hope at the end of a dark year.

For many people, Christmas will look a little different this year. It will be hard for friends and families to meet up, and some of us may even find ourselves in isolation or quarantine during a season which usually brings people together. Which is why the church wants to try and spread a little joy throughout the town and remind people they are not alone.

The star can be as big or small as you like, and you can use anything you have handy: paints, crayons, lights, glitter, the limit is your imagination! There are some templates attached which you might like to use. Or you can use a star from your Christmas decorations!

This symbol reminds us of the star the wise men followed to find the Christ child who came to bring joy to the world. But it’s also a symbol that holds meaning for people of other faiths and none. Stars can represent light (after all the sun is a star) hopes, dreams, wishes, things we all need more than ever this year.

It would be wonderful if homes, shops and other businesses in Midhurst would join in by displaying stars in their windows, and if they wish, a small downloadable poster showing that they support Midhurst Shines.


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